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Count on French Gerleman for a wide selection of personal safety and machine safety products, services and solutions.

Enjoy the convenience of a single-source provider for all your safety needs. Whether you’re looking for a wide selection of personal safety and protective products for your employees or the right safety option for your equipment or facility, French Gerleman can help. 

We offer access to one of the largest and most comprehensive inventories of safety products in the region.

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Product Categories

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) 
Eye and Face Protection
Facility Identification
Fall Protection
First Aid
Hand Protection
Hearing Protection
Heat and Cold Stress

      Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)
Monitoring Equipment
Protective Clothing
Rain Suits (High Visibility)
Safety Manuals
Spill and Storage
Traffic Safety 

Manufacturer Partners

3M Company 

Allegro Industries



DBI Sala (Capital Safety)
Defibtech AED
DuPont Company/Tyvek

First Aid Only

Gerson, Inc.
Guardian Equipment 
Guardian Fall Protection

Howard Leight

Ironclad Performance Wear

John Tillman Company
JSP Hard Hats
Justrite Mfg Co., Inc.


Mack Boots 

MCR Safety 
Mechanix Wear

Miller Fall Protection
Mine Safety Appliances Company (MSA) 
Moldex Metric, Inc.

National Fire Protection Assoc. 
NEC Code Book 

Occunomix International, Inc.

Pelican Products Company 
Protecta Fall Protection
Protective Industrial Products (PIP)


Showa Best
Sqwincher Corporation
Superior Glove Works, Ltd

UGLY’s Electrical Reference

Wells Lamont Industry

Zoll Medical Corporation 


Professional Services

Testing Services

High/Low Voltage Personal Protective Equipment Testing

  • Gloves or Mittens (Class 0, 00, 1, 2, 3, 4 Rubber Gloves)
  • Sleeves (Class 2-4)
  • Blankets (Standard, Split Center, Modified)
  • Insulated Boom Trucks
  • Hot Sticks (Short, Shotgun, Telescoping)

Our testing and handling of Protective Equipment is in accordance with applicable ASTM, ANSI, NFPA and OSHA Standards.

Safety Program Reviews

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)

When was the last time a program review was done? Many companies own the lock out hardware but very few keep their programs up to date in terms of training for their personnel and updates on procedure for new equipment. FRENCH GERLEMAN CAN ASSIST WITH NUMEROUS OPTIONS LEAD BY INDUSTRY LEADERS.

Eye Protection

All companies have protective eyewear, but rarely do they look at the task at hand to see if the proper eye protection is worn. Technology exists today to offer anti-fog glasses that improve visual clarity. Bollé promotes eye health in the work place by incorporating lens technology that eliminates harmful IR and UV rays to promote overall long term eye health. FRENCH GERLEMAN uses Bollé professionals to do the assessment, and we have the ability to offer prescription protective eyewear. FRENCH GERLEMAN ALSO REPRESENTS OTHER EYEWEAR MANUFACTURERS DEPENDING ON YOUR APPLICATION.

Fall Protection

Just like Lockout/Tagout, the procedure is the key piece here. OSHA requires annual inspection of all fall protection hardware. FRENCH GERLEMAN, through industry leading manufacturers, can help coordinate ON SITE INSPECTIONS AND TRAINING. OSHA requirements and industry standards continue to change regarding use of proper equipment, let us help identify the correct equipment for your application.

Hand Protection

All companies buy gloves, and for the most part, they buy the same gloves that they have bought for many years. The most common glove is the brown jersey. In a typical example, a worker uses a 99 cent pair of jersey gloves every day. Companies go through hundreds of them a month. With proper application of hand wear, a $4.00 glove may last the same worker two weeks. The math can be staggering, but the assessment needs to be done. FRENCH GERLEMAN uses PIP for program reviews. They are an industry leader, and the foremost authority on gloves lives in our region.


Any company that does “live work” on their systems have a need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Most companies purchase the highest protection rating and assume that they are protected. Without proper review of their equipment, they may be wearing more protective equipment than they need making their job cumbersome and oftentimes, they will remove all or part of the protective equipment to do their work. At the heart of the program review is an engineering study to establish their calorie ratings (cal ratings). FRENCH GERLEMAN uses Cementex to do initial evaluations. An engineering study is usually required to make the proper recommendations. FRENCH GERLEMAN HAS SOLUTIONS FOR ARC FLASH STUDIES AS WELL.ARE YOU CURRENT ON YOUR ARC FLASH MITIGATION?

Facility Safety

Electrocution is the number two cause of injury in the workplace (fall is #1). FRENCH GERLEMAN offers a free facility review, through Hubbell, to check for non-OSHA compliant conditions. Common infractions include open knock outs and mis-application or lack of ground fault devices.

Machine Safety

French Gerleman and our automation partners offer a complete machine safety review to look for opportunities to enhance worker safety. Typical opportunities include emergency stop (mushroom buttons and pull cords), light curtains to segregate potentially dangerous areas and gate switch interlocks to disable equipment when gates are open.