Labor Saving Product Solutions

Tooling Efficiency
Efficient and effective tool use can save your company labor costs. French Gerleman and our partners can help you understand what goes into a UL compliant termination and/or crimp and when hydraulic tools should be used. 

Predictive Maintenance
Production downtime is a costly expense for companies. French Gerleman can help you implement and utilize a Predictive Maintenance program to give you the ability to identify problems early before they result in unscheduled downtime. Let us show you have to use condition monitoring to increase the overall knowledge of asset condition and allow decision makers to perform Condition-based Maintenance (CbM) by scheduling downtime, labor and materials based on machinery health.

Fabrication and Assembly Services for Fast-track Projects
French Gerleman offers configured product solutions for times when quick assembly and installation time are of the essence.  Other benefits include reduced part counts, consistency of supplied materials, and reduced direct labor costs.   All work is performed by certified employees.   

Modifications Shop
Need a piece of equipment modified for your specific application? Or would preassembly of certain components improve your efficiency?  Ask the TechCenter for a quote on performing the custom services you need.

Custom product development & modifications, including:
  • Variable-frequency drives and drive enclosures
  • Combination starters
  • Motor-control-center buckets
Custom assembly of:
  • Light fixtures and ballasts
  • Cables
  • Pushbutton stations
  • Field modifications
  • PC upgrades and configurations
  • Custom engraving and labels

Staging and Kitting
French Gerleman can assist your project management and inventory control efforts by delivering complete bills of material in customizable kits.  This service can reduce your processing costs by simplifying bills of material and cut lead times by reducing required staging time on site.  It also reduces inventory and part counts by ensuring that you purchase only the exact parts you need.

Just-in-time Delivery
French Gerleman's extensive inventory and large delivery vehicle fleet make it possible for us to accommodate most just-in-time (JIT) delivery requests. JIT delivery can improve logistics in your company, increase turns and reduce material-handling needs. Perhaps most important, you have less capital tied up in on-hand inventory.

If you don't see what you need, please contact us at 866-808-4240. One of our customer service representatives will be happy to help you.

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