McLean® is now Hoffman® Cooling

Hoffman Cooling (formerly McLean) helps create optimal conditions for the reliable operation of electronic and electrical components in manufacturing controls, telecom equipment, data networks, and other vital systems. From standard fan assemblies to air conditioners, to heat exchangers, to integrated cooling enclosures for a variety of applications, Hoffman assures maximum productivity and uptime while protecting the life cycles of controls and equipment.


Enclosures with integrated cooling solutions

The integration of Hoffman enclosures and cooling offers best-of-class performance and protection:

  • Advanced cooling products designed to complement Hoffman's offering of standard enclosures
  • Thermal load pre-calculation to provide optimum cooling options for components, enclosure package and environment
  • Ensures complete solution is engineered to maintain rating and certification
  • Single-source accountability for support and service
  • Ease of specification
  • Reduced lead times